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Events + Workshops

Terms and Conditions

By booking an immersion, event, residential retreat or workshop with Harewood Holistics at the Arch Barn studio, you confirm that you have read and understood our Health and Safety Declaration / Waiver.

I agree to the following:

•    If I have any injuries or health issues, I will inform the class teacher prior to my first class commencing. 

•    I acknowledge that that Yoga, Pilates or a fitness classes may be physically strenuous and I agree that I am participating voluntarily in a session with full knowledge that even if the Teacher and any other teacher involved in the Session is not negligent, there is a risk of personal injury or illness arising from my participation in elements of the retreats, events or classes we offer.

•    Certain activities may be unsuitable for you if you have certain medical, health or fitness problem or condition. Please ensure you check with your class teacher prior to the session if you have any questions. 

•    I will inform the class instructor if I am pregnant and accept that I should do this in advanced as some classes are not appropriate during pregnancy, especially during the first 12 weeks. 

•    I understand that there is a no refund policy for all events / workshop or immersion. I understand that if Harewood Holistics can resell my ticket, we may allow you to transfer your booking to another event / workshop or immersion. Residential retreats have a no refund policy and we are unable to offer refunds if you cannot attend. 

•    Some elements of our workshops / events / immersions / residential retreats have outdoor components and I agree to participate whilst being aware of risks and I voluntarily waive any claim I may have towards Harewood Holistics, Harewood Estate, the class instructor or teacher of The Arch Barn for injury or damages that I may sustain during these activities.

•    I acknowledge that if I have any pre-existing medical conditions that may limit me participating in a physically strenuous class that I ensure I speak with my doctor first and prior to my first class. I agree to inform the class therapist prior to starting the class. 

•    General Data Protection Regulations (2018) require us to ask your permission to retain personal information about yourself. This information is confidential and stored securely. You agree to allow Harewood Holistics to store your personal details on booking.

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