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Reiki Treatments

Reiki Treatment


Reiki is a holistic treatment healing all aspects of our being. Reiki supports and accelerates the body’s own natural ability to heal itself cleansing the body of any toxins, harmonising and balancing promoting a sense of positive wellness & an overall feeling of well-being. Reiki can be used to treat physical, mental & emotional pain. A treatment that is both hands on and off it aids spiritual growth, self awareness & transformation.

Colorful Crystal

Crystal Healing Reiki

Crystal therapy is a holistic and natural therapy that has been used for centuries to help treat the body dating back to the Egyptian times. Crystals have different energies and by placing them on specific areas of the body, our chakras, they interact with this energy flow and help to realign, unblock and balance the natural flow of the body and help it to heal itself.


Crystal healing is a soothing, relaxing treatment that can help with physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves.

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