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Sat, 04 Feb


Arch Barn

Elemental Intensive : A deep dive into the elements of Water & Air through mandala yoga

Join Taylor Selby for a special morning of Water and Air Mandala Yoga workshop.

Elemental Intensive : A deep dive into the elements of Water & Air through mandala yoga
Elemental Intensive : A deep dive into the elements of Water & Air through mandala yoga

Time & Location

04 Feb 2023, 09:30 – 13:00

Arch Barn, Harewood Holistics

About the event

In this half day immersion we will be moving through two 75 minute mandala flows exploring the nature behind the water element and air element. Mandala is a Sanskrit word that translates to mean circle, essence, or completion. In a visual form, Mandalas are often seen as geometric circles that can act as aids to help focus during meditiation. Mandala yoga is a creative and playful form of vinyasa flow, based on the four elements of Fire, Earth, Water and Air. The sequences are designed to target specific areas of the body corresponding to the element, and related chakra. 

Being able to adapt our movemment practice to become in tune with an element gives us an opportunity to truly find harmony on our mats.  These classes begin and close and with yin postures to complement the subtle and physical body. The middle portion of class is dedicated to flowing all the way around your mat in a circular motion as you build heat while flowing in a rhythm that allows you to become present with body and breath on your mat. We repeat the same sequence multiple times so that you truly can connect to your breath and your body. This class gives you space to access softness and a cooler energy, while also tapping into your strength with an open heart. 

The morning portion of the practice will begin with a 75 min mandala flow harmonising our bodies and minds with the water element. When water is imbalanced within us, we can feel resistant to change, a loss of trust for ourselves, or even blocked emotions. We will be using both yin & yang styles of yoga to find balance with this element, creating more flowing energy and the ability to freely express ourselves. Physically, water flows work to stretch and open the inner hips, hamstrings & groin.  Our yin poses will focus on lengthening and opening up the hips and lower half of the body, and we will continue to build upon this expansion through the yang portion of the flow.  Energetically we are working with the sacral chakra. This chakra governs not only our relationship with change, but also of course the water element and everything that is fluid inside us! When our sacral chakra is balanced, we are able to freely express ourselves, embrace change fearlessly and embrace joy and pleasure in our lives. Water is the source of life! It flows, hydrates and purifies. It creates currents and can be hard or soft, gentle or powerful, flowing or standing still. We get to explore all of these dualities on the mat through our 75 minute class, with opportunities for power and strength in arm balances and inversions as well as opportunities to soften and release in yin. Come join for a fluid flow to truly get into your body as we move and expand upon the mat. 

The second half of our day will be a 75 minute mandala class based on the element of air. The element of air is a transmitter of communication, it is the lightest of all the elements and is connected to clarity and movement. Air flows focus physically on opening the entire front body, from our quads and hip flexors to our heart and throats.  As the air element is adaptable and transparent, it also dictates our flow of prana or life force through the body. As well as moving yin and yang style through our flow we will also be focusing on pranayama. There will be a strong emphasis on breath, and creating the levity of the air element through different breathing techniques.  As we flow, we will focus on all that helps open the heart, lungs and front of your body to aid the connection to the breath and the air element. Expect expansive backbends, cultivating the fluidity we created from the morning flow to further uplift and release around the heart. 

Allow yourself the time and space to not only embrace a fluid state of being, but also an open heart through our half day of mandala magic! 

Enjoy delicious snacks and refreshements and expect a small gift to take away with you. All equipment and props are provided. 

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