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Treatment Consent Form

Terms and Conditions

By booking a treatment (Indian Head / Swedish Massage / Reflexology / Zone Face Lift / Reiki / Thai Sports Massage / Deep Tissue Massage) with Harewood Holistics you confirm that you have read and understood our Health and Safety Declaration / Waiver and agree to the following:

•    If I have any injuries or health issues, I will inform the therapist during our initial consultation and at the beginning of follow up appointments if there have been any changes. 

•    I acknowledge that if I feel any pain or discomfort during the session I will immediately inform my therapist so the pressure can be adjusted. 

•  I understand that massage therapy or any other treatment should not be construed as a substitute for medical examination, diagnosis or treatment and that I should seek assessment from a qualified medical practitioner.

•  I confirm that I have answered my medical history correctly with the view that some treatments are not appropriate for certain medical conditions. 

•    Certain treatments may be unsuitable for you if you have certain medical, health or fitness problem or condition. Please ensure you check with your doctor or therapist beforehand if in doubt or have any questions. 

•    I will inform the therapist if I'm pregnant class instructor if I am pregnant and accept that I should do this in advanced as some treatments are not appropriate during pregnancy, especially during the first 12 weeks. 

•    I understand that there is a no refund policy if I cancel my treatment less than 48 hours prior and no refund policy if I do not attend my appointment.

•    Some elements of our events have outdoor components and I agree to participate whilst being aware of risks and I voluntarily waive any claim I may have towards Harewood Holistics, Harewood Estate, the class instructor or teacher of The Arch Barn for injury or damages that I may sustain during these activities.

•    I understand that I may experience some tenderness, exacerbation of underlying musculoskeletal conditions or slight bruising after my deep tissue massage. I accept this is a usual part of treatment and I do not hold my therapist liable. I agree to inform the practitioner if the treatment requires adjustment for my comfort. 

•    General Data Protection Regulations (2018) require us to ask your permission to retain personal information about yourself. This information is confidential and stored securely and which will be only shared with your therapist prior to your appointment.

•    You agree to inform us of any allergies you may have prior to your first appointment. 

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