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Tai Chi

Monday 7:45 am (restarts Sept) Wednesday 11:15 am

  • 1 h
  • Arch Barn

What to expect

Tai Chi is a traditional Chinese wellness practice that is suitable for all ages and fitness levels and complements modern mindfulness philosophies to the benefit of all participants. The essence of Tai Chi is to harmoniously integrate the mind, body, and spirit to improve holistic health through continued, gentle movement. Students report feeling physically stronger, more alert and able to relax. Medical observations often include improved blood pressure, reduction in chronic pain, such as arthritis, and better flexibility. Tai Chi itself consists of slow flowing, meditative movements with poetic names that evoke the natural world. These movements, which are easy and fun to do, create focus in the mind, body, and breath, encouraging the flow of 'Qi', the balance of energy in the body, which is thought to activate the body's natural self-healing systems. About Kim Noy-Man: Kim is a highly experienced practitioner and teacher of Tai Chi. He has perfected his art for nearly four decades and has a warm and inclusive style which students find engaging and encouraging. Starting with Yang style Tai Chi, Kim progressed to the Chen style under Grand Master Chen Xiaowang, both in England and China, and, over the years, has successfully fostered the improved health of both individual and corporate clients across the nation.

Upcoming Sessions

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