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Sat, 04 May


Arch Barn

Elemental Intensive : A River of Wellbeing, from fluid to grounded to through the elements of water and earth

Join Taylor Selby for a special morning of Water & Earth Mandala Yoga workshop.

Elemental Intensive : A River of Wellbeing, from fluid to grounded to through the elements of water and earth
Elemental Intensive : A River of Wellbeing, from fluid to grounded to through the elements of water and earth

Time & Location

04 May 2024, 09:30 – 13:00

Arch Barn, Harewood Holistics

About the event

Join us  at the estate for our next instalment of an elemental intensive with Taylor Selby. This half day immersion is focusing on a combination of two elements, water & earth. This practice is designed to help you release stagnant energy through two 90 minute mandala practices, beginning with a water mandala and closing with an earth mandala. We are moving physically from our inner seams to our outer seams, exploring space first in our inner hips moving then towards our outer hips and hamstrings in a yin yang style. The practice is designed to create a full body release and open up space to let the current of life flow freely through you. The rhythmic flow of the practice helps regulate the nervous system, fostering a deep sense of relaxation and grounding. 

Mandala flows work to find balance within dualities of a yoga practice, balancing both the yin and yang energy through stillness and movement. Both classes begin and end with yin, with the middle portion of the class being dedicated to strong repetitive flows that move around the mat in a circle. There will be plenty of opportunities to play and explore within the practices, from arm balances to inversions, as well as pranayama and soft releases through yin.

The morning practice will begin with a 90 minute water mandala, cultivating an awareness for our internal landscape as we build strength and softness around our inner hips and hamstrings. Our water mandala will be centred around letting go and truly giving ourselves the space to go with the flow. Our yin practice will slowly peel back layers of tension from our inner hips all the way down the inseam of our legs. As we transition to the flow portion of class, we will move through a simplistic yet fluid sequencing harnessing our ability to cultivate a sense of continuity on the mat. Expect space to expand from the inside out, with opportunities to play with arm balances and inversions as well as move towards a peak pose. 

After a restful and intentional break for tea and treats, we dive back into the practice through the earth element. As we begin the second practice, we will physically dive deeper into the lower half of the body, moving from our inner seams now into our outer seams, emphasising a release through the IT band, hamstrings, and outer hips. By practicing an earth mandala after a water mandala, we are giving ourselves the space to continue to tap into our more fluid nature, whilst also harnessing a stronger anchor to the earth. This practice will give you space to explore movement from a place of stability, harnessing flow without rigidity. Regardless of the changes, shifts, and transitions that occurred in the first half of practice, the second half will give space to feel more grounded, more secure, and more stable as you energetically recharge your life foundation. Expect more opportunities for arm balances and inversions, supported from the energy of earth with an emphasis on staying connected. 

Nurture your entire being with a half day of flowing movement and curated stillness full of both fluidity and grounding. Embrace your inner river and ability to seamlessly move through transitions and life with the water element, and balance out your flowing nature by anchoring yourself back down to earth. Expect to find new space and strength as you explore your body and practice through the magic of mandala. There will be tea and refreshments as well as a small gift to take away with you. 

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