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Sat, 24 Sept


Arch Barn

Elemental Intensive : A deep dive into the elements of Fire & Earth through mandala yoga

Join Taylor Selby for a morning of Fire and Earth Mandala Yoga for this special one off immersion workshop.

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Elemental Intensive : A deep dive into the elements of Fire & Earth through mandala yoga
Elemental Intensive : A deep dive into the elements of Fire & Earth through mandala yoga

Time & Location

24 Sept 2022, 09:30 – 13:00

Arch Barn, Harewood Holistics

About the event

Join Taylor Selby at the Arch Barn for a half day of mandala yoga, working to find balance through the elements of fire and earth. 

In this half day immersion we will be moving through two 75 minute mandala flows exploring the nature behind the fire element and earth element. Mandala is a Sanskrit word that translates to mean circle, essence, or completion. In a visual form, Mandalas are often seen as geometric circles that can act as aids to help focus during meditiation. Mandala yoga is a creative and playful form of vinyasa flow, based on the  four elements of Fire, Earth, Water and Air. The sequences are designed to target specific areas of the body corresponding to the element, and related chakra. These classes begin and close and with yin postures to complement the subtle and physical body. The middle portion of class is dedicated to flowing all the way around your mat in a circular motion as you build heat while flowing in a rhythm that allows you to become present with body and breath on your mat. We repeat the same sequence multiple times so that you truly can connect to your breath and your body. This class gives you space to access softness and a cooler energy, while also tapping into your own inner fire and strength.

The morning will begin with a 75 minute mandala class based on the element of fire. Physically, fire flows work to stretch and open the outer hips & side body through twisting movements that also target the core. This first class will allow you to access deeper twists and to move into binds and balances with more confidence and with greater awareness as well as building more strength through the core. Energetically we are working with the solar plexus chakra, or Manipura in sanskrit. This chakra governs personality, ego, and identity, as well as personal freedom, choice, and authenticity. This chakra is the transformer of our power, it gives us energy for our passions. The fire element is an element of action, it can be transformative and powerful which we explore through movement on the mat. The class will begin and end with yin to compliment the yang part of the practice where we will move 360 degrees around the mat through repetitive flows. This practice is intended to honour creative energy in all its manifestations as well as connect us deeper to nature. Come join for a fiery flow to stoke your internal flame as we transform and manifest our strongest power through movement on the mat.

The second half of our day will be a 75 minute mandala class based on the element of earth. Earth flows focus physically on the hamstrings and finding our strength from the ground up. We explore poses that open and ignite length from our toes all the way up to the skull. As we flow, we will focus on how our ability to ground helps us to be stable enough to balance and transitions seamlessly in our yoga practice. Energetically an earth flow is connected to our root charka, or Muladhara in sanskrit. Earth is the densest of all elements, and when it is balanced we feel centred and grounded. A balanced root chakra enables you to be practical and present. Our earth flow will have the same structure as our fire flow, but we switch our focus to our legs and our spine. Expect to move slow and steady as we find our roots and ground the body after our fiery morning practice.

We will provide all equipment and props. There will be vegan snacks and plenty of refreshements for you to enjoy. 


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