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Sound + Meditation

We create a space of warmth and comfort with an initial conversation with Bianca or Amanda over a herbal tea and you are invited to share what you would like to achieve from the sessions. Then it will be time to lay back and embrace as we arouse your senses - utilising atmospheric lighting, mantra music, candles, incense, soft textures and the use of a 7 Set of Chakra Crystal Sound Bowls to relax and rejuvenate to mind, body, spirit and soul. 

Guided meditation to open and close your session - creating space for you to leave feeling re aligned, re balanced and renewed.



At the beginning of your first session, our teacher will spend 10 minutes discussing your goals and preferences for the 1:1. This helps us to tailor each session to you. Our teachers will adapt each session and vary the practice to you and your goals.

We charge an extra £5 per person for the group sessions with additional guests able to pay on the day in the studio. 


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