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Meditation and Soothing Sounds

Thursday 10:45 am

  • 1 hour
  • Arch Barn

What to expect

Each week we will begin with a gentle Reiki infused guided meditation, with themes to represent the time of year/ alignment with the cycles of the moon and season. Then followed by the soothing sounds of select instruments chosen each week in alignment with the subtle energies and flow of nature, ranging from Himalayan Singing Bowls and Hand Pan to Crystal Singing bowls and Shamanic Drum or Native Flutes. Allow the gentle sounds to lull you into a calming and restorative relaxation within the stillness of the mind, to nourish and nurture the mind, body and spirit, bringing balance and harmony to the whole self within a calming and deeply relaxing setting, followed by time to share and relax with a soothing herbal tea. Open to all levels. Feel free to bring your own pillow or blanket for comfort although all props are also provided.

Upcoming Sessions

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