Bounce Charity Fundraiser Pop Up Class

All proceeds will be donated to The Red Cross Ukraine Charity Appeal

  • 8.50 British pounds
  • Arch Barn

What to expect

Looking for a fun and unique way to burn calories and get the adrenalin pumping? Whether you’re a fitness fanatic or a complete gym-aphobe, ((BOUNCE)) is for you! What is ((BOUNCE))? ((BOUNCE)) is the world's leading mini trampoline fitness brand. It’s high intensity, but low impact and friendly on your joints. Our choreographed routines, including both cardio and toning tracks, are performed to banging tunes in a welcoming, motivating, environment! We pride ourselves on operating an inclusive FUN FRIENDLY FIERCE nightclub vibe. Who’s it for? EVERYONE - our sessions offer different options so that you are working to your own abilities! 0.5kg hand weights are available to increase the intensity of your workout if you want an extra upper body hit. What are the benefits? ((BOUNCE)) improves weight loss up to 3 times faster than floor-based exercise due to the addition of gravity and g-force, it builds core strength quickly, is a cellular workout and detoxifies the body efficiently thanks to the lymphatic system being pumped as we jump. There's oodles of scientific research on the health benefits of rebounding, but most impressively we're aiming to lose over 700 calories per session, and have fun of course... that's what trampolines are made for! Why we have chosen to donate the proceeds to The Ukraine Crisis Appeal Millions of people have no safe place to call home. More than 6.6 million have already left Ukraine, and it’s estimated around 8 million are displaced internally. Hundreds of thousands of people still have no food, no water, no medical care, and no heat or electricity. Red Cross teams have been working around the clock to get critical care to those who need it most, both in Ukraine and its bordering countries. With ongoing violence, an enormous number of people urgently need help right now. This donation will help provide: • food • water • first aid • medicines • warm clothes • shelter

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