Niki Doyle

Senior Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

Niki is has over 15 years experience in Physiotherapy, Massage, Personal Training, Pilates / Yoga Teacher and Military rehabilitation course facilitator. Niki aims to get ahead of the curve for people, sharing her experience and knowledge with health conscious individuals who want and need guidance to feel truly in control of their bodies and wellbeing. 

Niki has a vast experience base, from working with everyday desk warriors to AFL athletes, cross fit competitors, special force operatives to new mums. There is no one box people fit into, so welcomes all bodies, no matter what background or fitness level, to come and learn and unlock their potential. 

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What is Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a research-based healthcare profession that aims to restore your movement and functional ability. It’s an independent profession where practitioners make their own treatment decisions and clinical judgements.


We integrate Physio assessment, manual treatment and rehabilitation with our unique Pilates programme of posture and movement exercises. Physio with us is a fluid experience which can flow between the Physio treatment room and our specialised studio for movement-based therapy.

On your initial assessment please be aware you will need to attend wearing suitable clothes so we can view the affected area. 

What We Treat

Back and Neck pain

Shoulder / Elbow / Wrist and Hand Pain

Hip / Knee / Ankle pain

Postural Pain


Ligament Strains and Sprains

Neck Pain

Pre and Post Natal Rehab

Pre and Post Surgery Rehab

Sports Injuries

Contact Us To Book Your Assessment

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Please note if you are a new patient or have not been seen in our clinic for over 2 months then you are required to have an Initial Assessment appointment.


If you are a current patient but wish to see our Physio about a different part of the body then you are also required to have a 45 minute appointment.


Initial Assessment (45 Minutes) £70

Follow up (30 Minutes) £40

Sports Massage (60 Minutes) £70, (45 minutes) £55

Please note that we require 24 hours notice to cancel and we cannot offer refunds if we have less than this time. 

Niki is a fantastic Physio, who understands how to the get the best out of her patients. The attention to detail along with excellent personal skills make for a first rate treatment package. I now feel much stronger and confident that I can move forward to achieving my training goals after years of suffering from injuries. Thank you!