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Like Water 
A morning retreat

Sunday 25th of July

In collaboration with Harewood House Trust, Yoga Kula and Harewood Holistics, we bring you the first of our summer's retreat mornings. When we can be like water we are able to let go of resistance, go with the flow and find more softness and release. 

What to expect:

Guided walk to the Bothy lakeside

Lakeside Yoga

Hatha Yoga

Gentle Flows

Individual mini Reiki treatments

Guided walk to Harewood Stupa and through the Himalayan Gardens

Cacao Tea Ceremony with RASA TEA

Water Element Yoga Nidra + Reiki Healing

Price - £65


A Morning Retreat

Sunday 15th of August

In collaboration with Harewood House Trust, Yoga Kula and Harewood Holistics. This indoor and outdoor event will allow you to thrive again after this very different year.


What to expect:

Walk to the Bothy lakeside

Outdoor Yoga by the Bothy lakeside

Grounding Yoga Flows

Simple Energising Breath Practices

Mudra (hand gestures)

Mini Yoga Nidra (Sleep Yoga)

Guided walk through the Himalayan Gardens and Harewood Stupa

Mindfulness walk

Warming Refreshments

An Introduction to Meditation

Price - £65


A Morning Retreat

Sunday 28th of November

As we move into a new season it is important to give ourselves time and space to let go,

re-balance and RETUNE.


The Harewood Trust invite you to enjoy a morning retreat curated by Harewood Holistics and Yoga Kula in the grounds of this historic and peaceful estate.


Enjoy Silent walking, Forrest Bathing, Chi Gong style Yoga Movement outdoors in nature, Yin Yoga, Healing Sound, Energy Work and Massage.   


What to expect:

Silent Walking

Forrest Bathing 

Lakeside walk with Chi Gong Style Yoga

Yin Yoga

Warming Refreshments

Sound Bath, Energy Work, Aromatherapy and Massage


Each carefully chosen element will allow participants to drop deeper into a state of restoration, fully let go and deeply RETUNE.

Price - £65

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Happiness – An Evening Sound Journey

Saturday the 17th of September
6:15pm - 9:15pm

Join us for a tranquil evening of fresh air and soothing sound at the heart of the Harewood Estate, for our third instalment in our Himalayan Gifts series.

This evening retreat offers an opportunity to connect with nature and enjoy soothing sound to support your psychological wellbeing and help bring you to a state of contentment and happiness.

Enjoy an evening of simplicity, of relaxation and healing sounds. You will be bathed in the soothing sounds of gongs, Himalayan and crystal singing bowls. Let the captivating tones and resonance of the instruments lull you into a state of deep relaxation leaving you feeling serenely calm, happy and contented.

What to expect:

A private tranquil walk through the Himalayan Gardens

Sound Journey with Christian


£40 Members

£45 Non Members