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July 8th 2023

Elements Well-Being Festival

Come and discover Yorkshire’s newest and most exciting wellness festival celebrating well-being, movement and food. Join us on the renowned Harewood Estate for an uplifting journey of healing and transformation as we take time to move, realign and re-calibrate

Creating equilibrium in our body and rejuvenating our soul with inspiration from the elements of water, earth and fire – you will be guided by expert teachers taking inspiration from the surrounding natural beauty. You’ll be taken on a journey through three 90 minute experiences and be served an incredible lakeside picnic menu curated by the infamous Harewood Food and Drink Project. You’ll leave feeling relaxed and restored having had the opportunity to truly connect with others and your mind and body

Each moment of Harewood Holistics well-being festival has been designed for a truly special experience. Expect yoga, connection with nature, a cacao ceremony, meditation, relaxation, delicious food and drink – all in the incredible surroundings of Harewood Estate

In intimate groups, your schedule will consist of three very unique 90 minute experiences within the themes of EARTH, FIRE and WATER

Our Harewood setting is renowned for its preserved natural beauty and stunning surroundings

Our 3 experiences take place in different parts of the Harewood Estate. One within the beautiful Arch Barn, with its striking tall beamed ceilings and high quality props provided. The others are outdoors - beside the scenic lake and surrounding the fire pit within the incredible woodland

Each of your 90 minute sessions is led by a different inspiring teacher, passionate about you having a fantastic experience on the day

 Your day will have an intimate feel, as you move through the agenda in small groups

 Your delicious lunch menu, refreshments and afternoon snack by The Harewood Food and Drink Project are included and this will be enjoyed surrounded by spectacular views on the Serpentine lakeside.

 The festival is easily accessible by car and has FREE on site parking

Arch Barn Studio


Within the Arch Barn, we explore a grounding practice, connecting with the earth element.


In this session you’ll move mindfully through a gentle vinyasa practice to specially curated music and enjoy a glorious restorative savasana with essential oils.

Fire pit area


Gathered around the fire this embodiment session with Ella will awaken your courage and confidence.


With the assistance of ceremonial cacao, a natural heart opener rich with antioxidants, you will reconnect with your innate and inner power. The blend of self enquiry, movement and nature all serve to expand your heart and with this your capacity to receive the gift of being here…now. 

You can expect to close this time together feeling empowered, grateful and at home within yourself.

Lakeside Harewood Estate


For the Water Element we’ll be exploring the dynamics of water by using
Yoga to replicate its ability to be calm and peaceful with the stillness of Yin Yoga but
also free flowing and dynamic through the movement of Vinyasa Flow Yoga.

We’ll begin with a nice Buddhi Mudra meditation to clear our mind and balance
the water element within our bodies before slipping into the stillness of the Yin
practice. Transitioning from Yin to Yang with some strong abdominal breathing to
enliven our Sacral Chakra, with its connection to the water element, and energise the
body for our dynamic flow embracing the energy and power water possesses.



Love Yoga
Earth Element

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Jenna is Yoga Lead for the Harewood Holistics festival – her teaching is inspired by sharing the tools yoga has to offer to help us feel stronger mentally and physically in the most accessible way.

A mother of two young boys and based in North Leeds, her passions are vinyasa style yoga, yoga philosophy and anatomy.

Wellness Wins
Fire Element

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Ella from Ella yound Wellness is a yoga teacher and founder of the delicious Rasa Teas. Ella runs well being retreats all over the world and has a passion for culture and cuisine. 

Ella teaches yin, pre and post natal yoga, restorative and hatha yoga. She will also be cooking for us during our well being retreat in September and joining us for our returning lakeside Wisdom of Water event this Summer.


Water Element

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Matt is one of our class teachers here at Harewood Holistics and he teaches Yin, Vinyasa and Ashtanga classes. Matt is hugely experienced and a very popular teacher amongst our regulars.

"My aim is to guide you to a practice that not only helps to create strength and flexibility in the body but also to instil a sense of peace and harmony in the mind unlocking new neural pathways to let go of past habitual processes and help create a new confident, focused and free future.​"

You can secure your tickets now for the festival!


Early Bird ticket sales are open until midnight on the 30th of April

The investment for the full day, including everything outlined above is £110

We will have staggered arrival times which will be sent to you nearer the event. Please ensure you note the varying arrival times when this information is sent through to you via email and updated online. This is to allow us to move through the day in intimate groups. It is advised to book as a group if you want to move through the day as a group, ensuring you are together.

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