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Sport Specific Pilates

Pilates involves the co-ordination of deep postural and stability muscles – combined with breathing, arm and leg movements, postural correction and flexibility.

These sessions are Physio led and are targeted to your sport specific goals such strengthen or improve flexibility of a particular muscle group, re balance muscle activity, return to sport from injury or to improve sport specific technique.

Scientific research shows Pilates can reduce pain and improve physical function, movement and well-being. These sessions are adapted to your ability level and are Physio led to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Pilates 1:1 will focus on all the major muscle groups to help you build & maintain a strong body. The session will also focus on balance, flexibility and joint mobility to combat osteoporosis and improve core strength.

Our teachers are expert in Pilates for tennis, running, body building, cycling and rowing.



At the beginning of your first session, our teacher will spend 10 minutes discussing your goals and preferences for the 1:1. This helps us to tailor each session to you. Our teachers will adapt each session and vary the practice to you and your goals.


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