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Pre / Post Natal

This 1:1 session is a supportive place for pregnant women to show up exactly as you are. Whether you’re feeling nausea, fatigue, PGP or extra energised, there will be options for you. 

Pilates offers a perfect form of exercise for during and after your pregnancy for both you and your baby. These sessions will help to maintain and build on your pelvic floor muscles without causing any stress to your back and other joints.


This 1:1 is open to pregnant women from 12 weeks right up to birth and is a fantastic way to prepare your body and mind for the delivery of your baby. You can also bring your baby along with you for the post natal sessions, where we offer a safe space where you can feed your baby. This is a safe space for your body, mind and spirit to settle and grow. 



At the beginning of your first session, our teacher will spend 10 minutes discussing your goals and preferences from the 1:1. This helps us to tailor each session to your needs and agree a program moving forwards. Our teachers will adapt each session and vary the practice to you and your goals.